Your Commitment is your Superpower

In this episode of the “Committed” podcast, JC Hite welcomes David Meltzer as a guest. David is not just a highly successful entrepreneur; he’s also on a mission to inspire others to find their own commitment in life. During this engaging conversation, David shares insights into his commitment to serving others, how he navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship and the importance of aligning values in business.

Episode Recap

Your Commitment is your Superpower.

David begins by describing his life as the “tale of three worlds.” He was born into a world of scarcity, and raised by a single mother with five siblings. The family lacked material wealth but thrived on love and education. Witnessing his mother’s financial struggles deeply impacted David, leading him to commit to achieving financial security.

After graduating from law school, David made a pivotal decision not to practice law but to enter entrepreneurship. He ventured into selling legal research online in 1992, and within nine months, he became a millionaire. By 1995, he successfully exited his venture to Thomson Reuters for $3.4 billion. He continued his journey in Silicon Valley, where he learned to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

However, despite accumulating immense wealth and success, David felt empty. He realized that his commitment to making money had led him astray. He was buying things to fill a void, chasing happiness through material possessions, and surrounding himself with the wrong people.

Reengineering Commitment:

David’s turning point came when his wife, faced with his neglect of family and values, threatened to leave him. Then a moment changed everything. He saw something left by his father, which symbolized a lesson about the futility of chasing material wealth. This prompted David to reassess his commitments.

He started by establishing non-negotiable priorities based on time. These included dedicating time to family, health, and daily communication with loved ones. David realized that true commitment meant shifting from “I have to” to “I get to.” For example, he no longer saw picking up his children as an obligation but as a privilege.

The Commitment to Serve:

One of David’s most significant commitments today is to inspire and impact the lives of one billion people. He believes in sharing his knowledge about abundance, making money, helping others, and finding happiness. His mission involves finding 1,000 individuals who resonate with his message, empowering them to inspire others, and creating a chain reaction that will reach a billion people.


David Meltzer’s journey from chasing material success to embracing values, gratitude, and service is a testament to the power of commitment. He emphasizes the importance of reevaluating our commitments to align with our true values and purpose. Through his mission to inspire a billion people, he is spreading the message that true fulfillment comes from striving in business, helping others, and having fun while staying committed to one’s values and principles.

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