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From ZERO to $10k in Just 4 Months!

Dive into JC’s new journey and witness the strategies that will redefine the success of your digital marketing agency.


Pioneering Digital Marketing Success from Scratch

JC Hite, the visionary behind the INC 5000-listed Hite Digital, has been a transformative force in digital marketing over the past 5 years.

His remarkable journey began in a modest setting, sharing a tiny bedroom with his wife Karen at his father-in-law’s house in Nicaragua.

From these humble beginnings, he founded a digital marketing agency that would go on to redefine the industry.

His innovative approach introduced a franchise model, leading to the establishment of multiple franchises across the United States, marking a significant shift in the agency space.

Armed with a deep-seated belief in entrepreneurship and community, JC and Karen, have forged paths for agency owners to connect, learn, and thrive through platforms like The Commitment Summit and Committed Mastermind.

Now, he’s stripping back to the beginning with just $2k and a vision.

His mission? To demonstrate that using the right strategy and consistency, you can build a successful agency from the ground up on your own.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge:

Agency Building with Minimal Resources

Witness first-hand as JC tackles this new challenge…

Starting a digital agency from scratch with just $2k in the bank and no team members!

This bold experiment puts JC’s skills and strategies to the ultimate test, redefining what it means to start from the ground up.

He’s redefining the entrepreneurial journey with a set of self-imposed, stringent rules:

Only 4 months to generate $10k in profits

Starting capital? Just $2k

Going solo, no team members (unless they agree to work for free)

Daily sacred family time: No phones from 4-8 p.m.

Daily hour of Bible reading for spiritual growth.

A weekly business book to fuel continuous strategic learning.

Crafting a new blueprint for

sustainable growth

JC’s not holding back… He’s relocating his family, changing their life, and giving you everything he’s got.

He’s documenting every step, every struggle, and every victory, providing an unfiltered look at what it truly takes to build a successful agency from scratch.

It’s about showcasing entrepreneurship’s tough, often unspoken sides and offering you the blueprint to navigate and triumph over these challenges.

Be Part of a Real-Time

Agency Mission!

By joining JC on this 4-month challenge, you’ll gain:

Real-Time Learning: Experience the highs and lows of building an agency in real-time, learning practical strategies that work.

Community and Support: Engage in a community where every member seeks mutual growth and success.

Inspiration for Your Venture: Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established agency owner, JC’s journey offers valuable insights and inspiration to fuel your business dreams.

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