Robyn Alex: Redefining Success and Changes

Robyn Alex is the founder and CEO of High Level, a software company that originated from challenges faced by his previous marketing agency. Robyn shares the story of how High Level came to fruition, highlighting the initial challenges his marketing agency faced and the development of the software to address those challenges.

The Start of High Level:

Robyn shares the origin story of High Level, revealing that it emerged from his previous marketing agency’s challenges. The agency faced issues with converting leads into customers, prompting the need for a solution. The idea of High Level began to take shape during a brainstorming session in a conference room.

A Turning Point:

The breakthrough came when Robyn received a call from a customer who connected him with two individuals launching a reputation management software. The collaboration led to the development of essential features for Robyn’s agency needs. High Level’s success started with immediate positive results, prompting Robyn to share the software with other agencies.

Initial Growth:

Robyn recalls reaching out to agencies, asking them to try the software, and witnessing a remarkable response. The organic growth took off as satisfied customers spread the word, contributing to High Level’s rapid expansion over the following six years.

Philosophy and Mentors:

The podcast touches upon the hiring philosophy at High Level, emphasizing the importance of hiring individuals with a customer-centric mindset and a willingness to learn. Robyn mentions being inspired by Warren Buffett’s principles, focusing on profitability and a margin of safety in business.

Challenges and Personal Growth:

The conversation delves into the challenges of entrepreneurship, discussing moments of stress and the necessity of pushing forward. Robyn encourages entrepreneurs to embrace failure and move on, emphasizing the importance of a supportive network during tough times.

Future Vision:

Robyn envisions High Level’s future by aiming to get the software into the hands of every small business globally. He sees agencies as the key to business success and hopes to empower them through High Level.

Family and Personal Goals

Beyond business, Robyn expresses a personal goal of raising respectable citizens in his family. He acknowledges the challenges of balancing personal and business life but emphasizes the importance of intentional actions in setting the right example for his children.

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