Nick Santonastasso: Putting In The Reps In Life

Nick Santonastasso is a bestselling author, world-renowned keynote speaker, and a professional model/bodybuilder. In this recent episode of the Committed Podcast, Nick opens up about his life and business experiences, taking the audience on a journey from his early struggles to his transformation into a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Nick and JC cover key turning points in Nick’s life, embracing resilience, and adapting to change. Santonastasso’s story is an inspiring testament to how persistence, determination, and putting in the reps can lead to a meaningful life and business transformation.

Episode Recap

A Transformative Meeting in Nicaragua

JC welcomed Nick to his hometown in Nicaragua, met his family, and shared an amazing weekend together. Nick, who’s been engaging with various endeavors and passions, including bodybuilding, shares that he is continually driven by the idea of making the most of his time on this earth, emphasizing the importance of purposeful living.

From Personal Development Seeker to a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

Nick reveals that he entered the world of personal development and business at a young age. This choice was driven by a desire to prove his worth and address his inner struggles. Despite his family’s traditional nine-to-five background, Nick ventured into uncharted territory. His entry into the world of personal development began with pursuing bodybuilding, intending to silence his inner doubts and insecurities.

A Fortuitous Meeting and an Unforeseen Transformation

A chance encounter at a mastermind event proved pivotal for Nick. A stranger saw a vision in him that he couldn’t see in himself, predicting that he would share a stage with Tony Robbins one day. This encounter marked a turning point in his life, inspiring him to embark on the journey of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Nick teamed up with others and delved into the world of speaking, initially as a professional storyteller.

Embracing Imperfect Beginnings

Nick recalls starting his speaking career by taking every opportunity that came his way, even if it meant speaking in front of a tiny audience. He highlights the importance of embracing imperfection, sharing stories, and refining his message over time. He equates a speaker’s journey to that of a comedian who hones their material in small venues before hitting the big stages.

Learning from Setbacks

The conversation touches upon the humbling experience of speaking to just four people in a room that could seat many more. Nick initially reacted with ego and frustration, but he soon recognized the significance of serving wholeheartedly, regardless of the audience size. This moment led to a powerful promise to himself: to give his best in every speaking engagement, acknowledging that each person’s time and energy are invaluable.

Pivoting Amidst the Pandemic

Nick’s business model before the COVID-19 pandemic primarily relied on speaking engagements and book sales. The sudden halt to in-person events prompted a significant transformation in his approach. As events got canceled, Nick’s earnings plunged. However, he divided entrepreneurs into two categories during this crisis: those who waited for the world to return to normal and those who innovated. Santo fell into the latter category.

A Shift Towards Digital Marketing and Offer Creation

Nick and his team delved into digital marketing, a realm they had previously dismissed. Fueled by fear and insecurity, they embarked on a journey to learn digital marketing, rewriting their belief system. They began developing offers to create a path for their audience to go deeper with them. Nick realized the importance of offering more than just a speech or podcast appearance, enabling individuals to access transformative content.

Lessons from Failed Offers

Despite their best efforts, Nick shares that the team’s initial set of offers didn’t yield the expected results. They navigated through a series of failed ideas, learning valuable lessons in the process. As they continued to evolve, adapt, and refine their approach, Nick and his team worked toward building an empire around their purpose, ensuring they never took the gift of speaking for granted. Nick’s journey also highlights the significance of understanding one’s self-worth in setting prices for products. He emphasized the need to recognize the value of one’s offerings, indicating how his self-worth influenced the initial pricing of his inner circle program.


Nick Santonastasso’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. Nick’s transformation from a struggling individual seeking validation to a purpose-driven entrepreneur provides valuable insights into embracing challenges, innovating, and always striving to serve others more effectively. His story encourages listeners to take bold steps, overcome setbacks, and continually learn, offering hope and inspiration for anyone on a path to self-discovery and impact.

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