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Looking for a dynamic speaker who understands the real challenges of scaling businesses? JC Hite, founder and CEO of Hite International, has helped numerous companies achieve sustainable growth. His engaging talks on “Scaling with Stability” are designed to inspire and provide actionable strategies.


Meet JC Hite

Your Guide to Scaling with Stability

JC Hite is a faith-driven entrepreneur passionate about helping businesses grow while maintaining stability in all aspects of life. His unique approach combines professional success with personal fulfillment, making him a sought-after speaker for events and podcasts.

Discover JC’s Core Topics

Inspire Your Audience with Actionable Insights

JC covers a range of topics that resonate with business leaders and entrepreneurs. Each talk is tailored to provide practical advice and inspire positive change.

Growing with Stability

Learn how to scale your business without sacrificing personal stability.

Find Your Commitment

Discover the importance of dedication and how it fuels success.


Develop leadership skills that drive sustainable growth.

Dominate Your Market Online

Master the strategies to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Why Book JC Hite?

Transform Your Event with Proven Strategies

JC Hite brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every speaking engagement. His unique blend of faith-driven insights and business acumen ensures your audience leaves inspired and equipped to achieve their goals.

JC’s Notable Speaking Engagements

Proven Impact on Major Events

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Expertise and Real-World Experience

JC Hite offers more than just talks; he provides actionable strategies and inspires lasting change. Your audience will gain valuable insights that can be immediately applied to their business and personal lives. Choosing the right speaker can make or break your event. When you book JC Hite as a speaker, you ensure a memorable and impactful experience that resonates long after the event concludes.

JC’s Engaging Podcast Appearances

Inspiring Conversations with Industry Leaders

JC Hite has shared his insights on various renowned podcasts, reaching a diverse audience of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

  • Catalytic Leadership Podcast
  • Poop to Gold
  • I Spark Change Podcast
  • Solutions 8
  • Beyond the Story Podcast
  • The Lead Machine Growth Show

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