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Experience the Power of Teamwork, Harness our Proven Tools and Strategies, and Propel your Agency to New Heights Overnight with Hite Digital Franchise

Propel Growth

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Without the correct systems, support, processes, and resources, your business might not just stagnate – it could fail.

You may be feeling isolated, unsupported, and overwhelmed. Trying to grow your agency without the right support system can lead to burnout, financial strain, and missed opportunities.

We’re committed to your success because we believe in your potential.

Resource Access

As a HITE Franchise, you’ll gain access to an extensive array of resources that have been carefully curated and proven effective in the digital marketing landscape. These resources will equip you to serve your clients comprehensively, manage your operations efficiently, and position your agency for continued success.

Proven Track Record

Joining HITE Franchise means tapping into a legacy of success. Our track record speaks volumes – with over 22 agencies transformed into successful franchises, we’ve demonstrated our ability to turn potential into performance. By choosing us, you’re choosing a partner with proven success in driving agency growth and profitability.

Growth Tools

At HITE Franchise, we provide more than just support – we equip you with tools designed to foster growth. These tools, refined through years of industry experience, will help you streamline your processes, scale your operations, and grow your business effectively. With us, you’re not just running an agency – you’re building a digital marketing powerhouse.

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Ranked in the INC 5000

The Process


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What is the process of owning a Hite Franchise?

Our vetting process is about getting to know you and you get to know us. During this process, you will meet our leadership team, speak to other franchisees, and get all your questions answered with our recruitment team. You will also be presented an FDD before anything is kicked off to give you a full disclosure of Hite & what it entails. Ultimately deciding if we are the right fit.

Do I need to own an agency to become a Hite Franchise owner?

The Franchise model is tailored to anyone looking to start or to scale their agency. Apply now and let’s get started! Our average franchise comes on with 20-40k in monthly revenues however, we’ve had franchise start from scratch.

What type of support will I receive as a franchise owner?

Our support is robust and outlined in detail within the FDD along with what services we provide directly through the franchise such as fulfillment, systems and operational processes.

What does it mean to be a Hite Digital Franchisee?

Being a Hite Digital Franchise owner means you are part of a team that is aligned with the same values. We are heavily invested in family and faith. These values are part of how we make decisions in business, always putting family and faith at the heart of everything.

What are the plans for Hite Digital in the future?

Our commitment is to become one of the largest agencies in the world serving clients in multiple languages via many services.

How does Hite Digital define its territories?

Franchisees own a city and must live in that city to operate it. Nevertheless, there is no limit to where your leads can come from, you can serve anyone in the world.

transforming the lives of agency owners by inspiring and equipping them with the resources they need

JC and Karen Hite are the visionary founders of Hite, an Inc 5000-ranked digital marketing agency. The driving force behind everything they do is in transforming the lives of agency owners by inspiring and equipping them with the resources they need to level up their digital marketing strategies.

Through their various events, workshops, and platforms like The Commitment Summit, Agency Intensives, and Committed Mastermind, Karen and JC have created a way for entrepreneurs to join forces and create the kind of supportive community that allows them to reach their full potential.

No matter what stage you're at in the digital marketing journey, Karen and JC truly believe that stability and purpose are key to unlocking success. With their help, you can create a business and lifestyle that's full of freedom, growth, and success.