Unlocking the Secrets of Churn in the Digital Marketing Industry

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Failing to address churn can have severe consequences for marketing companies growth and long-term success.

With limited access to benchmark data and most agencies keeping their numbers private, it becomes challenging to determine where you stand and how to improve.

Navigating churn shouldn’t be so hard.

Optimize your digital marketing agency’s performance.


Understanding the Complexity of Churn Calculation in Marketing:

Explore why accurately calculating churn can be challenging within the digital marketing agency industry.


Unveiling the Four Core Categories Impacting Churn Averages:

Understand how these categories affect your agency’s churn performance and identify areas for improvement.


Unraveling the Two Major Factors Influencing Churn Rates:

Implement actionable strategies to mitigate churn and foster long-term client relationships to benif your agency.

A decade-long focus on churn analysis with real world scaling success

Successfully scaled not just one, but two different marketing companies to remarkable heights:


Our first agency expanded to serve over 1,000 clients, giving us a comprehensive understanding of churn dynamics in large-scale operations.


In just five years, we scaled our second agency to employ over 200 full-time employees, gaining invaluable insights into managing churn during rapid growth phases.

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Implement actionable strategies to mitigate churn

In the ever-evolving world of marketing agencies, understanding churn and its impact on your business is crucial for long-term success. However, finding accurate information on churn within the marketing industry can be hard, since many businesses aren’t willing to share their own numbers.

We’ve been studying churn for over 10 years within our agencies, and have found that there are several key factors which can lead to a higher churn rate. This report not only fills the knowledge gap in understanding churn for marketing agencies but also paves the way for further development and improvement in churn management practices across the industry.

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