About JC and Karen Hite

A Partnership Created In Love And Business

The story

helping agency owners to scale their businesses

JC and Karen Hite are passionate about helping agency owners to scale their businesses and lead them to success. With many years of experience as a team, they have seen success in many different ways, both personally and professionally.

JC and Karen’s expertise in business strategy, digital marketing, product development, and team building make them the perfect fit to help agencies reach their goals.

Their mission is to provide agency owners with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to help them succeed in scaling their businesses. Whether it’s through educational materials or consulting services, JC and Karen are here to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Values


At the center of everything they do, is a strong commitment to family. They understand that success is most meaningful when shared with loved ones. Just as they’ve built their agency with care, they prioritize nurturing strong familial bonds.


JC and Karen’s story is a tale of perpetual growth – not just as entrepreneurs, but as individuals. They embody the spirit of continuous learning, adaptation, and evolution.


Central to JC and Karen’s guiding principles is their unwavering faith, not only in their journey but in a higher purpose. Their profound belief in God provides them with strength, direction, and an unbreakable sense of meaning.

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Karen Hite

guides agency owners through the complex digital marketing landscape

Karen guides agency owners through the complex digital marketing landscape, offering clarity and expertise that enables them to concentrate on revenue generation while also achieving a balanced life.

Karen thrives not only behind the scenes, but on center stage too. Streamlining processes, taming the CRM beast – she’s your partner in getting things running like clockwork. Having successfully scaled a multiple-8 figure agency herself, she understands the difficulty of finding stability first-hand.

Her ultimate goal is to equip agency owners with the knowledge and self-assuredness they need to thrive in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.

JC Hite

disrupting the way agencies scale and serve their clients.

JC is committed to disrupting the way agencies scale and serve their clients. Aspiring to be a leader worthy of leadership, he strives to build his business with stability and purpose. His dedication has enabled him to assist other agencies on their journey to growth and scaling.

With an unyielding commitment to creating a positive impact, he’s set his sights on creating a thousand jobs in Nicaragua.This drive isn’t an empty dream; it’s a testament to his passion for transforming lives and communities.

JC’s journey started humbly, building a business from his living room as a white-label and working hard to make Hite what it is today. His ultimate goal is to continue learning, growing, and making a significant impact in the world.

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